Specialist Paeony Propagators and Root Producers

Welcome To Simmons Paeonies

Welcome to Simmons Paeonies.

Thank you for looking up our site but we have now decided to retire from selling most of our peonies, including tree peonies.


From now on we will only be selling a few exclusive varieties and so have kept our webpage going. For the autumn 2024 season it will be "Eternal Love", "Seidl's Super", and "Star Of Wonder". In the future we may have some new varieties from Paul's breeding. In the meantime we have left the photos of our tree peonies in the Catalogue section of our website for interest's sake only.


Paul & Esther Simmons have been running a peony nursery since 1986. We are located on the outskirts of Christchurch, the main city of the South Island of New Zealand. Like all good business stories we started small, with 100 plants imported from USA. We propagated all types of peonies including tree peonies, both for the garden market and commercial cut flower growers.


We have been specialist root producers i.e. propagators of peonies. Although we do cut some flowers this is a minor part of the business and none of the plants used for cutting flowers is used for propagation. (This is to ensure maximum vigour and the best start for plants.)


In 2011 we started to propagate a large number of varieties of tree peonies. All tree peonies we sold are established on their own roots which we believe to be superior to grafted plants, which is the most common way of growing tree peonies. Own root tree peonies seem to have more vigour, are more reliable and have less health problems than grafted plants.


As well as selling locally, for many years we have sold peonies to overseas customers in countries including USA, Canada, Eastern and Western Europe.