Catalogue: Tree Peonies

Timing of Flowering
This scale is derived from one year's observation of growing tree peonies at our property. It is only relative to each other and cannot be compared to other time scales, say, for herbaceous peonies. It may not be consistent for all years and at different sites.

Early is the start of October (NZ) and late is at the end of October.

Heights and "Bush" Descriptions
The winter height of 10 year old plants was observed at a growing site now defunct. The size of shrubs with green foliage, i.e. summer heights would have been larger. Because the site was very variable with intense competition, some varieties may have done better, given better care and conditions. However, the height recorded does give an indication of the possibilities.

"Bush" Qualities
This is a rather subjective compression of the vigour, size and shape of the winter "leaf bare" bush at the above 10 year old site. Again, because of the variability of the site, a positive description of the bush characteristics indicates the positive ability of the variety to grow well. Absence of description simply means absence of information rather than a negative attribute.

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Black Panther




Classy Lady

Coral Star

Coronation Splendour

Cottage Cheese

Country Comfort

Firstlight NZ

Honey Comb


Jacks Point

Lavender Hill

Milky Way

Opihi Red


Pleasant Point

Radiant Moonbeam

Rising Sun

Rosalind Elsie Franklin

Southern Cross


Spring Time Glory



White Star